Daily Operator Inspection Requirements for EOT Cranes

Maintenance and inspection of any equipment play an important role in enhancing the life of the equipment and in reducing the downtime. It is true for a Crane also these are the simple checks to be done at every start of the shift by the crane operator.

  • Check the Load Block and make sure all sheaves are running well?
  • Is the safety latch in place? Does it operate correctly?
  • Inspect the wire rope for any damage and make sure it is lubricated?
  • The “Emergency” stop function correctly?
  • Do all the directional buttons and motions function correctly?
  • Run the Crane Idle along the full bay length and the span check for any discrepancies?
  • Check limit switch working in upward, downward, left, right, forward and reverse?
  • Start with a lighter load, lift it safely just off the ground, check the functioning of brakes?

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