Innovative Long Rail Lifting Solution by Reva Industries Ltd. Faridabad for DFCC Projet.

Reva Industries Ltd. Long Rail Lifting Solution at Western DFCC Corridor

Reva Industries Limited has provided an innovative long rail lifting solutions Dedicated Freight Corridor Project. to Sharing details to Railways Review. Mr. Rohit Goel. Director, Reva Industries Limited said, “The new lifting mechanism was provided for unloading of the 260 meters long Rails dispatched by JSW stacking them and then reloading them on the track laying machine with the help of 21 gantry cranes”.

The lifting and lowering operation has been designed to work in 4 groups of individual, set of 7 cranes, set of 14 cranes and finally complete set of 21 cranes at a time. All the Gantries have their individual control panels and then synchronized in a control room where a main panel with programmable logic controller.

All the gantry cranes have been provided with lifting beams of 6.2 meter length which hold rail grabber. A radio remote controller has been provided for ease of operation while standing near the rails. The system prevents any bending of the rails.

Reva Industries featured in #Railways review magazine.
Reva Industries featured in #Railways review magazine.

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