Periodic Inspections of EOT Cranes

Maintenance and inspection of any equipment plays an important role in the enhanced life of an equipment and also its downtime.  In the last blog, we had shared the daily inspection requirement for EOT Cranes.
In this Blog, the Periodic inspection of cranes are described, which is to be done in addition to the daily inspections.
A periodic inspection is a detailed visual and operational inspection whereby individual components are examined to determine their condition. The periodic inspection is performed as often as quarterly.
A periodic inspection comprises of examining the following components visually in detail.
  1. Structural Members
  2. Signs and Labels
  3. Connection Points
  4. Sheaves and Drums
  5. Shafts, Axles, Wheels, Couplings
  6. Brakes (holding and control)
  7. Indicators, Gauges
  8. Self-Contained Electric, Hydraulic, or Gasoline Powered Generating Units
  9. Transmissions
  10. Electrical Components
  11. Covers and Guards
  12. Bumpers and End Stops
  13. Trolley and Runway Rail
  14. Runway Structure
  15. Conductor System
  16. Below-the-Hook Devices
Do you want more detailed information? Click on this link to get a Free E-book on Periodic Inspections of EOT Cranes.


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