Are energy Efficiency Motors Applicable for Cranes and Hoists ?

In Cranes and Hoists S4 or higher duty motors are recommended, due to intermittent operations.

As per IS 12615 (IS for Energy Efficiency Motors) Energy Efficiency motor can only be given for continuous duty motor ( S1 Duty ) and not applicable for intermittent duty motor i.e. S2, S4.

Please refer to the extract point no. 8 ( Duty & Rating ) of IS 12615 as under :

8: DUTY AND RATING The motors shall be rated for duty type S1 (continuous duty) as specified in 4.2.1 of IS/IEC 60034-1 or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with a rated cyclic duration factor of 80 percent or higher. This standard shall not be applicable to the motors with duty cycles S2, S4 and above. When an equivalent S1 duty is specified by the driven equipment manufacturer and in case equivalent duty (power) lies between two specified power ratings given in Tables 1, 2 and 3, the efficiency value shall be calculated using the formula given in 17.4.