E.O.T. Cranes Vs. Forklift

Know About  E.O.T. Cranes Vs. Forklift

Both equipment EOT cranes and Forklifts offer their own sets of benefits, but if we can compare which one is help you to get your job done safest,quickest, most efficiently and cost effecting for the projects.

Forklifts can only stack product as high as the mast will elevated. EOT cranes allow greater hook height and therefore offer a more efficient use of space for your business.
In forklift gas motor and batteries are used and there life is shorter around 5 to 10 years. EOT cranes use electric motor which is more efficient and have longer life. Cranes can last over 30 years, saving your money on frequent.
In forklift one operator required for the forklift as well as one person required for the balancing of the load. In case of EOT crane one person can safely lift and transport a larger load.
In terms of maintenance, forklifts use tires, hydraulic and batteries that need frequent maintenance and repair( about every few year) which can add up in cost. In case of EOT cranes have electric motors and steel wheels that last for decades.
Forklifts occupy floor space and does not find their use when the production floor is already full with machines and items EOT Cranes being mounted overhead does not obstruct with the machinery on the floor and hence movement of load is through shortest distances and floor space is utilized 100%
Forklifts are used for lower capacities mainly uptil 5t EOT Cranes find their uses from 0.1t till 650t or even more
Forklifts are flexible in the route, i.e they can be used to carry load from one shop to another or around the works anywhere EOT Cranes have fixed area where they can operate, specially intershop movements are restricted in case of EOT Cranes