Square Bar vs. Rail

Square Bar vs. Rail for C.T. and L.T. Motion of E.O.T. Cranes

In E.O.T Cranes C.T. and L.T. motion moves on Rail, which may be Square bar and Rail.

If we talk about the Square & Rectangular bar as rail compare to the CR rail and lbs Rail section we found advantages over the rail section:-

  • It can weld on the gantry girder directly, so no need to maintain the fixation time to time.

Where if we use CR Rail or lbs Rail section than we have to fix by fixing plate and need to maintain time to time.

  • It is suitable for the lower capacities crane(up to 20 Ton), so it can reduce your cost of the equipment.

Where the non-availability of lower size of CR Rail & lbs Rail section can delay the projects and increase the cost of the equipment due to the higher price of the rail section.

  • The square & rectangular bar as rail accepted by the:-
    • Indian Railways
    • NTPC
    • BHEL
    •  For up to 20 ton Cranes
  • Throughout of Europe, Square & Rectangular bar preferred for C.T. & L.T. Rail.
  • Four years ago we supplied 120 Ton capacities E.O.T Crane where Square Bar used as C.T & L.T. rails to Skipper Electricals India Ltd and crane is running successfully.