Operational Safety – EOT Cranes

Crane is a machine accident of which may be fatal to Human life and to the plant and machinery. Its operation use must be taken seriously and done through trained persons only.

The following are the points which should be taken care of as a minimum

  1. Do not overload the Crane.
  2. If you are not sure of the weight to be lifted, please do not load it on intuition basis.
  3. Do not ride or allow other people to be transferred through crane.
  4. Do not play with the crane always pick up load directly below the hook
  5. Lift only few inches above the ground initially, to check the functioning of the brakes
  6. Stay clear while moving load, and do not allow any person to be under the load while lifted or under movement.

For more detailed explanation, please click here to download the complete presentation. Please note before using any crane or hoists the operator must be trained on the minimum of the points mentioned int he presentation.